Распространение гельминтозов кошек в России и их терапия с применением антигельминтного лекарственного средства Профендер® производства фирмы “Байер”

K.I.Skryabin All-Russian research institute of helminthology, All-Russia state institute of control, standardization and certification of veterinary preparations, Kostroma regional veterinary laboratory.

The basic action in struggle with helminthoses is dehelminthization. Now days nematodosis and cestodiasis cats Bayer has product Profender ® developed for treatment and preventive, maintenance medical complex in the form of Spot-on. The preparation represents a combination of a known praziquantel and a new (a class cyclooktadepsipeptid) – emodepsid. Tests of a preparation passed in a row of veterinary clinic in Moscow and Regions of the country. Results of studying of the influence of Profender ® on an organism of cats which testify the safety of application and efficiency are presented. Profender ® is easily put on a skin and does not cause at application stress both for the owner, and for an animal, does not demand physical efforts for fixing an animal, can be used by pregnant women and lactate cats. Important advantage of Profender ® is that a new component of a preparation emodepsid helminth nonresistant, unlike others nematocides.Thus, considering wide propagation helminthoses cats, rational application Profender ® will allow to prevent distribution infestation, infection of the person and animals, and also contamination an environment.

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